Terms & Conditions

Please note that these are subject to change without notice, and do not affect your statutory rights.

It’s your responsibility to ensure that all garments you bring to us to be cleaned are suitable for that process. We take no responsibility for any damage caused during the cleaning process following our standard procedures.

Our standard wash process is a 30 degree wash and a dry on a low heat. We may, at our discretion, alter this if we deem it necessary, or if requested. Any process is carried out solely at your own risk.

Please ensure you thoroughly check all items in your load for pens, coins, paper, etc. as we are not responsible for any items lost or damaged as a result of the cleaning process.

We do not separate colours by default, but will if asked. If we do so, it is at your risk, and we will use our discretion for the best possible result. Additional charges may apply.

Services washes are priced at the weight they come in at, not the weight they go out at.

Please ensure you collect your laundry or dry cleaning on the specified day. Items not collected after 30 days from their collection date will be disposed of.

Free delivery and collection is a per instance promotion that we reserve the right to refuse entitlement to if we determine there is a possibility of the promotion being abused, if the customer is not staying in a private residence or if we are made to wait.

Some duvets are treated with an oxygen bleach stain agent, and all synthetic duvets are washed with a biological detergent and fabric softener.

For service washes priced by weight, we round down at .49Kg and up from .5 Kg.

Any items you bring in to wash/dry yourself should be collected promptly once their cycle has finished. Items left in our shop for over a week will be disposed of.

If we need to use a machine that has finished, we will empty the contents and put them aside to await your return. We do not accept any liability for any loss or damage that may occur as a result of doing this.

Every aspect of the self-service element of the launderette is provided as is, for use solely at your own risk and you are advised to consult care labels and manufacturers’ instructions where applicable.

You are strongly advised to check any machine you wish to use prior to placing washing/drying inside. Every effort is made to ensure that machines are kept clean and fit for use, but we cannot guarantee that they will always be so. No liability is accepted for any damage or loss caused as a result of any foreign object interfering with the washing or drying process.

Specific preferences for a deviation from our standard procedures are possible at your request, but any and all risk and liability that arises from them are solely yours.

For scheduled delivery/collection, we require a minimum of 2 hours’ notice if you wish to change or cancel, or a £10 fee may apply. Repeated cancellations and/or now-shows within any calendar month will double for each extra event. If our driver is provided items without bags, or is required to bag up the laundry, we will apply an additional £20 surcharge per instance.

Please be sure to check your cleaned items fully before leaving the shop, as any problems need to be raised before you leave our shop, and we reserve the right to dismiss any complaints raised at a later date.

Keep your (real or virtual) ticket safe, we may have to request photo ID in the event of you losing your ticket. I

Laundry items are not individually tagged and we cannot therefore accept any claims for missing items. You may provide an itemised list of the contents of your load, which for an additional fee will be checked at each stage, but please note whilst very effort is made to monitor each stage we are unable to guarantee that no loss or damage will occur from following our standard procedures.

Claims for dry cleaning items lost or damaged will, at our discretion and subject to sufficient evidentiary proof, be compensated for to a maximum – for items not older than 3 months – of 50% of their original value or £50, whichever is the lower amount. In cases of items older than 3 months, we may at our discretion provide compensation to a maximum of £25.

Loyalty Points are provided to our customers at our discretion and we reserve the right to refuse to issue them, to alter their terms and/or to completely withdraw them. Not exchangeable for cash, not transferable. Only valid for Service Washes, Dry Cleaning and Duvets, not valid against Shirt Service, Wash & Dry or any other service we offer. Not valid for business customers. Customers who opt out of our SMS marketing campaigns will not be eligible for loyalty points.

We reserve the right to limit or cancel Gift Vouchers if we suspect a pattern of abuse. Gift Vouchers are not transferable for cash or other value, and we reserve the right to cancel any gift voucher, for which reasonable compensation may be paid if we determine the cancellation was necessary.

We offer an account facility for customers, but the first month’s payment must be paid in full within 7 working days. Following successful receipt of that payment we will, at our discretion, extend that term to 30 days. We reserve the right to alter any such agreement with immediate notice. For business accounts, payment must be made in full up front for the first order.

At our discretion a monthly penalty charge of £10 a month will apply for invoices not paid within their due date. Furthermore, we reserve the right to hold as part-payment any items we currently hold as surety against an unpaid invoice or statement. We will dispose of any items we hold if payment is not paid. We may increase service prices to reflect additional costs, you will be directly notified if this exceeds 5% of the per kilo rate you were previously charged. For business accounts, we reserve the right to charge interest on a weekly basis for any outstanding debt, at a rate of 5% per week.

In the event of a successful legal suit being brought against you for breaching one or more of the terms of this contract, you undertake to pay in full all reasonable expenses incurred by us to prepare and undertake the aforementioned action.

We reserve the right to refuse entry and/or service. All terms are binding jointly and severally to the extent that any one or more terms found not to be valid do not invalidate the entirety of the agreement between any customer and the Company.

Subscription Service
These additional terms apply specifically to our subscription offerings:

1. Cancellations and Refunds
If you wish to cancel before your subscription term is complete, you may do so by giving us no less than 1 week’s notice. A term in this case means the full duration of your selected subscription’s billing period, be it monthly, quarterly, or annually.

At cancellation you may be refunded any balance owed to you, subject to the following non-exhaustive list of conditions:
a) That you did not exceed your usage relative to the plan your purchased.
b) That you do not owe money on your account
c) That, after a pro-rata calculation for your usage of our service, and based on the ordinary price of the service you would have paid in the course of a non-subscription-based order, you have not unreasonably secured an unfair advantage.
d) Any remaining balance would, pursuant to subsection (c) be calculated with reference to our standard prices for goods and services.
e) Any add-ons, Bolt Ons or any other discretionary or supplemental benefit you derived from the subscription plan will be recalculated in accordance with subsections (c) and (d).

2. Promotions, Store Credits and Discounts
Any orders placed within your subscription plan will do not attract any extra promotional discount – your subscription plan is not valid in conjunction with any other offer, promotion, incentive or discount.

3. Missed Collection/Delivery
If you are not present / we cannot collect and/or deliver, as a result of you failing to notify us in advance, we may levy a flat charge of £10 per instance. At least 2 (TWO) hours’ notice is required to amend / cancel a collection/delivery  request.

4. Household Chores Bolt On
Excludes any dry or wet cleaning items. Not available in conjunction with any other offer, promotion or special or discounted rate.