Commercial Laundry

Own or manage a business? Wasting time and money sending someone to do the laundry?

Taking loads home with you at night? Is your laundry becoming a full time job? Unhappy with your current provider?

We can help.

No Contracts

Only pay for what you give.

Flexible Payment Options

Free Collection & Delivery

What we offer

Based on Gloucester Road but covering most of Bristol, we collect and deliver to your door, leaving you to focus on the important things in your business.

We provide a variety of laundry services for businesses across Bristol, from bars & restaurants to guesthouses and cleaning firms. We are flexible, not seeking to tie you into a contract, and can adapt delivery/collection days and times to meet your needs.

Charging by the kilo means you only ever pay for exactly what you need cleaned, and where necessary we can provide stain treatment for specific items (for an additional fee).

Our standard terms apply.

Pricing (including VAT)

Restaurant/Cafe from £3.02 per kilo
Standard Laundry £2.65 per kilo
B&B Laundry** £2.12 per kilo.
Cleaning Cloths (no folding) 96p per kilo.
Towels Wash (Wet – no folding) £1.32 per kilo.
Towels Wash (Dry – no folding) £1.60 per kilo.
Salon/Towels (Folded) £2 per kilo

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Minimum weights apply depending on laundry type, contact us for more info.

*Not guaranteed to be 100% effective. **Minimum 40Kg a month, and payment within one week of statement date.