Frequently Asked Questions

What's the story?

We wanted to make the launderette experience different, taking the stress out of one of life’s little chores. So now you can sit back, relax and let our fast and efficient machines make light work of your laundry, With free WiFi, comfy seating and extended opening times we’lldo whatever we can to make the experience hassle-free.

Do you collect/deliver in my area?

We broadly service the 3 mile area around our shop, an illustration of which you can see here:

What's the parking situation like?

It’s complicated! Monday – Friday no parking up to 09:30, or between 16:30 – 18:30. Saturdays 1 hour between 09:00 and 18:00. Sundays you’re fine!

How do service washes work?

We charge by weight, you can choose to have it folded or not.You may select the type of detergent we use in your wash, and specify any special instructions such as wash temperature or to not tumble dry a specific article. For more information, click here.

Do you have WiFi?

Yes, WiFi is free for customers using our washers or dryers.

I have a special request, can you help?

Absolutely! Whether it be putting some of your shirts on hangers, not using fabric softener or not tumble drying a specific item, we are happy to accommodate any (reasonable) request you may have! Please be sure to mention this when you drop off your laundry. Additional charges may apply.

How about color separation?

If you separate, then it’s £4 for 2 separations for loads up to 8Kg. For loads over 8Kg, we include 2 separations free of charge, and it’s then £4 per extra separation.

If we separate, it’s a flat £4 per separation.

As an example:

An 8Kg load that you have split into darks and lights would be £4 extra
A 12Kg load you brought us that is split into reds, whites and blues would be £4 extra (first 2 separate loads included in price)
Bring us a 20Kg load that you want us to separate and you pay £4 for each separate load.
Alternatively we can use colour catchers in your wash for 50p.

Do you have any ongoing promotions?

We do!

2 x 2 piece suits (or 4 suit items; plain skirts, trousers or jackets) for £20.
Get 25% off every second duvet/sleeping bag you bring us (within 3 months of bringing your first one).
5 Shirts washed & pressed for £8.50.
50% Off a duvet bag when you buy one at the time of cleaning a duvet/sleeping bag.
4 for the price of 3 on Pillows
Plus check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for various specials

What makes you different?

Anyone can wash their clothes at home, so why use us?

We pride ourselves on giving people what they really want from a service wash; convenience! It’s the little things, like pairing smalls, folding clothes so that they can go straight back into the cupboard, and being flexible. Don’t want a jumper tumble dryed? No problem! Want one load washed at 30 degrees and another at 40? Can do! We have a wide range of detergents available and are happy to accommodate you with any special requests. If you’re too busy, just back from holiday or you just want to treat yourself – try us out!

Tell me more about the collection & delivery service!

Delivery and collection is calculated by the driving distance from your home to our shop, at £1 a mile each way. You can use the tool below to check the distance.. If you’re at a half-mile distance, we’ll meet you half-way at 50p!

Please note we have a minimum charge of £1each way, and a minimum load size of 5Kg. By using our service, you also agree to our Ts & Cs..

What if I want a refund?

We don’t offer refunds, but at our discretion we may provide store credit, a reclean of an item or load or a gesture of goodwill payment.

Do you have a privacy policy?

To the extent that we capture any of your data, it will be used solely by us for the purpose of communicating to you regarding your order, or a specific promotion or issue which we believe is relevant to you. It may be passed on to a third party (including, but not limited to mailing lists, secure card payment gateways) but when this happens it will only be done so to provide you with the service you requested. At any time, should you wish to, you may request that we remove any or all data we hold on you, and to the extent that the relevant laws apply, we will comply fully.

We do not and will not sell your data.

Your data is held by us to best serve your needs, and we will only ever ask for the minimum needed to carry out our work for you.