The One Plan

From: £26.00 inc. VAT / month

    • Decide how you want to pay for your subscription
    • Choose how many bags you want a month - you can always add more for the same per bag price as your plan allows (minimum bag price = £15)
    • Customise your plan to suit your needs
    • Book a collection or drop in - we'll send you the bag(s) you need after your first order

    *Billing Cycle

    Save 5% by paying quarterly, and 10% by paying yearly. Or pay monthly with the flexibility of cancelling at shorter notice. As a guide, one of our subscription bags would cost up to £35 as a standard service wash.

    Reset options

    Choose how many bags you want every month

    You can give us as many bags as your plan allows all at once, or spread it over your plan's period (month / quarter / year). We can collect and return the bag(s) the next time we collect, or in a couple of days. Your choice.

    In-store or home delivery?

    All plans include in-store drop off. Plus with the use of our smart lockers, you can pop in 7 days a week, whether we're here or not, to drop off or collect.

    Turnaround Options

    As standard we'll have laundry orders ready within 2 days.

    Our standard wash

    We wash everything as standard at 30 Degrees and dry on low. We use a non biological soap and one of the name brand fabric softeners. All laundry is neatly folded and please note we use a light fragrance when packing up the laundry to make it a little bit more special (sandalwood or lavender).

    If you choose a separation operation, we will include a washable bag to keep things simple. Your laundry is washed on its own, not mixed with any other customers'.

    Any special requests

    If you have a specific request or preference please let us know.


    Please carefully review the subscription-specific portion of our terms and conditions.

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