Drop off for Locker #1

Please make sure you are using the right locker to avoid any delays or confusion. Each QR code is unique to its locker.

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How It Works

How it works

We do not take any money upfront, as we need to check what you’ve given and then invoice you.

Once we have processed your item(s) you will be sent an itemised invoice that you can pay for securely online using the “Pay Now” button in the invoice. We will also apply any current promotional discounts. We may not start work until payment is received, so please be advised that delayed payment will result in delayed return of the item(s)

If you have used the locker drop off service before, you can just email us with the relevant info and we’ll take care of the rest.

Subscription Customers

Subscription Customers

Please just email us to confirm your locker number and that you’ve dropped laundry.

If you’d like to learn more about our Subscriptions, please click here.

Non Subscription Customers

Non-Subscription Customers

Please fill out al the information below, for a guide to pricing, we have dedicated pages with detailed information for each service. You can also navigate to them by selecting any of the following:
Service Washing
Dry Cleaning