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All subscriptions

All laundry subscriptions include free collection and delivery, convenient online scheduling, and automated email reminders.

We will wash, dry & neatly fold your laundry, returning it to you in a reusable bag.


Express on all orders:

All orders back in 24 hours.*

Colour separation

Tell us how you want the loads washed and we’ll sort it.

Evening Pickups

Evening collections & deliveries of your laundry

Top Ups

If you want just a little bit more laundry, add an extra few kilos to your monthly bundle and make big savings on the per Kg rate too!  From £1..40 per Kg. 

Just click on ORDER NOW to select any or all of the add-ons.

* Some restriction apply.


Starter Subscription

£35.00 / month


Pro Subscription

£60.00 / month


Platinum Subscription

£99.00 inc. VAT / month

Please Note:

Each plan allows for a specific amount of kilograms for the service wash element, you will be charged (at a reduced rate of £2/Kg) for each kilogram you exceed the monthly allowance. We round down at 0.45 Kg and up from 0.50 Kg).

Frequently asked questions

What does my subscription include?

We will wash, dry and neatly fold all laundry. Laundry detergent, fabric conditioner and (if desired) colour catchers are included.

How do I schedule a wash?

Simply login to your account and choose “book Collection”.

Are there any long term commitments?

No. We will refund subscriptions cancelled mid-month on a pro-rata basis, and may include any extras you received as part of your subscription in that calculation.

When can I schedule pickups?

At present we collect & deliver 5 days a week as standard. Our times are typically 9 to 3 each day. Special arrangements made be made by contacting us directly.

Can I change the day and/or time of my collections?

Absolutely. Provided you give us a minimum of 12 hours’ notice, we can change to a day/time that works better.

How can I contact you to learn more?

Just call in, phone or drop us an email. For more info, click here.